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Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Sorry I have not kept up with my blog as of late...many challenges keep popping up.   I hope you will not desert me.

Tomorrow, Feb. 19th our littlest granddaughter - Raelyn - 11 months -  will enter Children's Hospital of Philadelphia to have two titanium rods "VEPTR's"  (vertical expandable titanium ribs) implanted. It will be the first day and surgery of a long journey....I will be staying at my son's home hoping to keep some sense of normalcy there.  Wendy (DIL) will stay at the hospital with Raelyn until she comes home...Pray she heals fast as I know she will be much happier home with her brothers and sisters. 

The days the store is open Liz our wonderful, loving Nanny of 11 years, who shares her love with both my daughter's boys and son's children, will be there, so the store will be open regular hours. 

Our faith is strong and we know God is good and has His own plans...but it never hurts to have as many angels, in heaven and earth, praying and rooting for our sweet little girl.  I will keep you updated on the happenings the best I can. 

I am really trying very hard to get into the SPRING and EASTER spirit....despite the winter that will not go away!  I think this is it though....the last 4 inches of snow arrived overnight and is now melting...so when you visit the store expect Spring to be in every nook and cranny!

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Penny said...

Prayers for this little darlin!